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A Creative Lawyer For Creative Professionals

Producers, artists, athletes, business owners and creative professionals of all types have a strong and trusted ally in Thirdinline Legal. You can turn to this respected Chicago law firm with confidence when:

  • Your creative work must be protected.
  • The contract must be airtight.
  • Your passion has become or is on the cusp of becoming a full-fledged career.

Founding attorney Odell Mitchell III is a triple threat. Prior to establishing his own law firm, he worked in the music industry as a musician, producer and creative director. Odell combines an understanding of the creative, business and legal side of the entertainment industry to provide clients with informed and valuable counsel.

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Odell Mitchell III

Your Partner For Success In The Music Industry

Odell is passionate about his clients’ passions. When you work with Thirdinline Legal, he will stand by your side to help you grow your business, develop your audience, monetize your talent, or support whatever passion brought you to his doorstep. With the support of his professional staff, he will work with you personally to achieve and exceed your legal goals.

While he has a broad background in entertainment law and business law, Odell Mitchell’s III primary focus is supporting musicians. Namely, he counsels individual talent and music groups on protecting their interests on the front end of contracts and agreements, and in securing their legacy in intellectual property rights.

Why Thirdinline? The firm is called Thirdinline Legal because Odell Mitchell III is third in line in his family and the third to carry his name. While harnessing the latest technology to deliver outstanding results to clients, Odell never forgets the timeless values that got him where he is. Thirdinline is about building on a legacy of hard work, strong ethics and success.

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The next step in your career or enterprise might be closer than you think. To learn more about Thirdinline Legal and how Odell Mitchell III can help you achieve your legal and financial goals, reach out online or by telephone at 312-878-6072. Based in Chicago, Thirdinline Legal serves clients from every corner of the United States.