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3 tips to avoid partnership disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Business Formation & Planning

Forming a partnership provides you with several benefits. For example, you can partner with someone who compliments your strengths and weaknesses. 

However, even if you start a partnership with all the best intentions, conflicts and disagreements can occur. The best way to avoid serious disputes that harm the business is to plan ahead. Some tips to help include:

Choose the right partner

Forming a partnership is something that must be considered carefully. You need to find the right person who has skills and strengths that complement yours. You also need to make sure that every partner you take on has a unique role in the business so that you are equally involved with the business operations and ownership. 

Have an operating agreement before starting work

It’s essential that everyone signs an operating agreement before going into business. This should outline both parties’ responsibilities and other factors of the partnership. You should also create a section that explains the dispute resolution process and everyone’s rights in this. 

Outline worst-case scenarios

It’s smart to think about the worst possible issues that may arise when it comes to your partnership and business. Be sure to write down how this is going to affect the business and each partner’s rights and responsibilities. Some examples of worst-case scenarios include the death of a partner, lawsuits, and other similar issues. 

Avoiding disputes in a partnership

There’s no question that partnerships offer a lot of benefits for those involved. While this is true, disputes may arise at some point. Using the tips above and planning ahead will help you avoid serious issues and may prevent disputes from the beginning. Keep this in mind if you plan to form a partnership.