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Are you ready for the way TikTok has changed music? 

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2022 | Agency & Representation

There’s no doubt that the app TikTok has changed the music industry forever. It’s simply impossible to ignore the impact that it’s had on musicians. It has allowed people to become famous after having very little other exposure.

For instance, there was an artist who was working at a Verizon store when he was trying to make it big as a performer. He put his videos on TikTok and then released a song on Apple Music. Almost overnight, he found himself getting signed to a major record label and starting a tour across the country.

Fame can come quickly now in a way that it didn’t before. A song that goes viral on TikTok could launch someone who just plays local bar shows into national fame, with hundreds of thousands of fans, and it all can happen in almost no time at all. It may take just days or weeks for the song to go viral, and then everything changes.

What do you need to know?

As an artist, this is potentially very exciting. Though there are many nuances to consider, you can see how having just one popular hook from a single song can change your career. You don’t need to put out an album that goes to the top of the charts. You just need that one song that clicks with people on TikTok. 

But this also means that your career could vastly change in a massive hurry. You may never have considered how to copyright your music or make sure that no one else uses your songs in a way that you don’t permit. You may never have thought of millions of people even listening to your music.

In other words, TikTok can help, but you certainly need to make sure that you’re ready for the fame that it can bring. Be sure you understand all of the legal steps you should take to protect your future interests.