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Skilled Business Law Guidance For The Music Industry

How can you calculate the cost of a missed opportunity or a mistake that should have been avoided? Musicians and industry professionals who delve into business law matters on their own often end up lamenting how much they lost because they didn’t invest in legal guidance. By taking a few simple steps today, you can rest assured that your interests are protected and that no loose ends will come back to haunt you in the future.

Based in Chicago, Thirdinline Legal handles a broad range of business law matters across the country for creative artists and others who make their living in the music industry: producers, entrepreneurs, creative artists, and professionals of all kinds.

Attorney Odell Mitchell III is a former musician and producer. With his musical insights and industry connections, he understands the legal, financial and creative sides of issues, and he can capably represent your interests in matters ranging from routine governance to momentous transactions and disputes.

Helping You Harness The Power

As a music insider, Odell Mitchell III understands firsthand the importance of safeguarding your rights and interests in a fast-paced, competitive – and sometimes cutthroat – industry. Handshake deals and promises don’t protect you. You need it in writing, and you need it clearly spelled out. His law practice is devoted to supporting those kindred musicians and behind-the-scenes professionals who make the magic happen. He represents singers, songwriters, composers, rap and hip-hop acts, DJs, backup vocalists and session musicians, producers and engineers, dancers, and many others in the music world.

A To Z Business Law For Musicians

Thirdinline Legal will be here for you from the very formation of your business to any legal challenges or disputes that arise along the way. Odell Mitchell’s III business law representation includes:

  • Recording contracts
  • Royalty agreements
  • Streaming and other licensing
  • Contracts and agreements for gigs and tours
  • Intellectual property protection (music copyrights and trademarks)
  • Business formation and entity selection
  • Startup financing
  • Employment issues
  • Dispute resolution

A skilled business law attorney can help you avoid costly pitfalls while seizing upon opportunities that may otherwise lie hidden. Thirdinline Legal is here to help you achieve your corporate law goals in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Your Music Contract Lawyer Is A Former Musician

Odell Mitchell III understands contracts for creative artists from the performer’s perspective and through a lawyer’s lens. That unique combination provides an additional layer of security and comfort. He can “talk shop” and will truly understand your goals and obstacles, but just as importantly, he can attend to the critical details that will protect your immediate and future interests.

To discuss your legal needs with a knowledgeable business law, entertainment law and music law attorney, call the Chicago law offices of Thirdinline Legal at 312-878-6072 or contact Odell Mitchel III online.