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Helping Musicians Protect Valuable Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) in the music industry takes many forms, from songwriting and recordings to band names and technical innovations. For creative professionals, protecting intellectual property is a vital component of success. With a skilled IP attorney on your side, you can rest assured that your valuable assets are protected and properly managed.

Thirdinline Legal in Chicago provides knowledgeable intellectual property guidance to clients in the entertainment field, namely musicians. Attorney Odell Mitchell III will put his skill and experience to work for you, helping you protect the products of your talent and imagination. Thirdinline Legal represents singers and performers, songwriters and composers, producers and engineers, musical groups and other music professionals who need to protect their copyrights and trademarks.

A Former Musician And Music Producer Who Understands The Industry

Odell Mitchell III has been a musician, music producer and creative director, a rarity among entertainment lawyers and a key advantage for his clients. He understands the pressures and threats that entertainers encounter in trying to get established, find their niche and protect their progress. He is thoroughly versed in contracts and agreements for musical performers, from firsthand experience as a performer and from a lawyer’s eagle-eye perspective.

Handling All Of Your IP Law Needs

Thirdinline Legal can help you protect your intellectual property through the skilled implementation of:

  • Copyrights: By establishing a copyright, you can protect a song, composition, arrangement, music video, music software or other creative work from unauthorized use by others. With strong copyrights in place, you can decide who uses your work and for what purposes, allowing you to maximize the potential for monetization.
  • Trademarks: Trademarks are generally symbols or words that represent the identity of a business or individual performer, including band names, logos and merchandising trade dress. When trademarks are legally protected, they cannot be used by other parties as long as the trademark is in place.
  • Wide-ranging IP counsel: Need legal counsel involving social media law, website privacy policies, and terms and conditions or trade secrets? Thirdinline Legal can address a wide range of IP issues.

Odell Mitchell III can guide you through all of the necessary steps of establishing intellectual property rights as well as maintaining and protecting your property. He handles filing for federal and state intellectual property rights and rights management.

Is Your Music IP Safe?

Anyone who has followed the news in recent years knows you can be bogged down by lawsuits if your lyrics sound too similar or your signature hook or bass line borrows too heavily from artists of yesteryear. Conversely, musicians need to jealously guard their published works and performances from pirates and shameless plagiarists. If an up-and-comer wants to sample or cover your song, they should get permission and literally pay their respects to you.

Thirdinline Legal can help you determine your needs as they relate to intellectual property, assess vulnerabilities and craft a comprehensive IP protection strategy. To arrange a legal consultation with an experienced intellectual property attorney in Chicago, use the online contact form or call the firm at 312-878-6072.